We offer reliable and high-quality inverter solutions from Kstar for sustainable energy generation.

  • Hybrid Inverter

    KSTAR's energy storage solution, the BluE Series, is the optimal choice for hybrid systems and is designed using the CATL Battery Solution and the KSTAR Inverter Solution. The all-in-one solution for single-phase storage is safe, reliable and yields higher yields. KSTAR's 1-phase storage systems have a maximum capacity of 5 kW where up to 4 batteries can be connected in parallel.            
  • String Inverter

    • KSTAR offers a wide range of inverter solutions for residential and commercial applications. For residential applications, KSTAR has both 1-phase and 3-phase inverters designed to maximize efficiency and optimize yield. For commercial applications, KSTAR also offers a range of 3-phase inverters with different capacities to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether for a residential or commercial installation, KSTAR provides reliable and high quality inverter solutions for renewable energy generation.