Water Heat Pump

Special features:

  • Hot water temperature of up to 70°C possible in heat pump mode
  • Intelligent use of self-generated energy (PV)
  • 2 separate heating circuits with different temperature control
  • Plug-in connection cable
  • Easy installation and integration into existing heating systems

Scope of delivery:

    • 1 piece of JNOD J25HW300
    • 1 piece of operating and installation manual
    • 1 piece of warranty card
    • 1 piece of product data sheet, energy efficiency label






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JNOD Hot Water Heat Pump

  • Gain self-sufficient and efficient hot water from renewable energy sources

The JNOD J25HW300 hot water heat pump efficiently and reliably produces hot water for your individual use, regardless of an existing heating system. The integrated heat pump uses heat energy stored in the air for particularly economical and environmentally friendly hot water preparation. With the 300-liter tank, the recommended amount of hot water for an 8-person household can be produced and stored.

The special feature of this type is the second heating circuit. This allows you to connect the heat pump to your existing heating system, for example. In winter, the heating water heats up the 300-liter tank via the second heating coil. In summer, you can completely switch off your heating and heat the water with the heat pump. If you position the heat pump in a cost-effective way (ask your installer!), you also do not need circulation pipes and save further valuable energy. The exhaust air from the heat pump is significantly colder than the suctioned air and can be used for air conditioning in summer.

The 300-liter storage tank is the ideal solution for high hot water comfort in single-family homes (existing and/or new buildings) as well as in modernization or commercial areas.

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